Inaugural Post

Because I’ve been considering firing up a blog (i.e. a weblog), I asked my friend Dick how difficult the process was.  (Dick’s my IT coach and an Excel MVP [few of those in the entire country].  He can be your coach, too, but it’ll cost you.  He’d be worth every penny.  You can find him at Daily Dose of Excel.)‘s simple process is free, and you should take the plunge if you’ve thought about blogging.

I’m planning a variety of topics and musings–from professional to personal and from humorous to serious.  I hope you enjoy.



3 Comments on “Inaugural Post”

  1. daallenDA says:


    Testing, 1-2-3. Is this thing on?


  2. Dick Kusleika says:

    So easy even DA can do it. Congrats on the new blog

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