Showing My Age

Recently, I told a 20-something dude about a new website I discovered and how it allowed me to set up “radio stations” based on a song or an artist, and the station would play similar songs–all for free.  Dude told me that Pandora has been around for at least two years and that I wasn’t an Internet Christopher Columbus.  (Thanks, Malone.  You know who you are.)

Some say you’re best off to find the youngest employee when shopping at Best Buy or Nebraska Furniture Mart, as they’ll be the most tech-proficient on the floor.  Might agree with that … how about you?


3 Comments on “Showing My Age”

  1. Tom Proper says:

    You could always just ask my teenage kids, Dan-O

  2. Roger Sahs says:

    The only Pandora I know has a box….

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