Deserting A Friend

Today, I deserted a friend.  Not good but the lesser of two evils.  My friend has been helping someone, and the three of us were together.  Helpee was being considerably ungrateful to Helper, and I was trying to keep my cool, because I was close to stepping over the Cool Line, telling Helpee in no uncertain terms that he was being a jerk and that Helper actually was a good person.  So I left Helper to avoid a volcanic situation …

I rarely feel provoked but did today.  How do you handle those situations?  And no, DK, punching Helpee’s lights out is unavailable.


7 Comments on “Deserting A Friend”

  1. Tom Proper says:

    Sometimes its best to walk away before it comes to blows. But practice that left hook with the heavy bag in the basement just in case

  2. The DA Blog says:

    Good stuff, Tom. Keep a solid base in the legs when punching the heavy bag..

  3. Bill says:

    If I knew the Helpee well enough, I’d call him on it. If not, I still might. Either way, he needs to hear it.

  4. Did you even try punching him? You’re so dismissive. 🙂

  5. Roger Sahs says:

    I don’t know what helpee’s problem was, but I bet it’s hard to pronounce….

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