You should read John Mauldin, particularly if you care about your finances.  Caveat:  He email-carpetbombs you (probably 4 per week).  You’ve been warned.

John opines readably about matters economic.  He’s relatively non-partisan and probably wrong about some things.  But I’ll bet he’s right more than not (yeah, yeah, fragmented sentence–I know).


3 Comments on “Money”

  1. I didn’t know where to start on that guy’s home page -it’s a mess. Then I found an article I thought might be worth reading and it says…

    “Please enter your e-mail address to read the full article.”


  2. The DA Blog says:

    Yeah. I should have noted that downside. I know he tends to carpetbomb with email. I’ll edit the post to indicate same. Thanks. Give yourself a raise.

  3. Roger Sahs says:

    My wife and I always clash over religious differences…she worships $$ and I have none…

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