I ate lunch at Wohlner’s, located a Driver/2-iron from Putnam Law Offices (my employer).  Wohlner’s is a local grocery chain with hip little restaurants and great fresh grillin’ steaks.  Damien Wright (attorney/friend) joined me.  I ate a tasty cobb salad (trying to clean up my nutrition).

I give Wohler’s a B+.  You should visit them at Aksarben Village at 67th and Center in the O.  For the record, Aksarben is Nebraska backward and previously housed a horse race track.  The Omaha tornado of 1975–an F-4–passed just 6 blocks west of Aksarben while 9,000 people watched.  That thing takes a right turn?  You and your crew have serious carnage.  (Is there another kind?)

I know two couples who attended the races back in the day.  The guys sat in front of their wives.  An attractive young woman walked past the couples.

One husband to the other:  “Man, look at that!”

One wife to leering husband’s wife: “Doesn’t that bother you?”

Wife of leering guy:  “Nope.  Active mind, lazy body.”

Boom goes the dynamite.


7 Comments on “Wohlner’s”

  1. SAR says:

    DA – Can you further expound on the “Driver/2-ion” comment? In other words, do you mean either a Driver or 2-iron distance? Or do you mean Driver with a subsequent 2-iron? Moreover, who carries a 2-iron in their bag nowadays? Wait, I do. While I don’t play enough, I found myself striking the ball well this year in Leagues. Need to dedicate more time to putting, course management…and a pre-shot routine!

    My golf bag breakdown and yardages:
    1. Driver: 240+ yards
    2. 2-iron: 205 yards
    3. 3-iron (hybrid): 185+ yards
    4. 4-iron: 180 yards
    5. 5-iron: 170 yards
    6. 6-iron: 160 yards
    7. 7-iron: 150 yards
    8. 8-iron: 140 yards
    9. 9-iron: 125 yards
    10. PW 115 yards
    11. GW (51 degrees) 100 yards
    12. SW (54 degrees) 85 yards
    13. SW (56 degrees) 70 yards
    14. Putter Been known to throw it up to 30 yards

    • The DA Blog says:

      Hey SAR:

      Good question. I meant driver then 2 iron. I used to carry a 2 iron and hit one of my best golf shots with it. You were in the foursome that day down at Tregaron. I hit that dang 2 iron to 15 feet from 241 yards (yup, 241 based on the sprinkler [pin was middle]). Thanks again for the grub the other night. Just glad we weren’t killed in a lightning strike …

  2. JJ says:

    not even putnam with the wind at his back could get from his office to Wohlner’s with driver/2-iron. With a 400-yard drive, he would still need to carry his 2-iron 300-400 yards-plus in the air to cacth the tarmac on Center and bounce and roll the rest of the way to wohlner’s. Maybe driver, 3-wood, 4-iron. Maybe. Better ask him and check back to us.

    • The DA Blog says:

      Apparently, you’ve never seen me lash a 2-iron. My 241 yard shot was on turf, my man. Give me concrete on 72nd Street and Center Street and I’m home in 2.

      “A former greenskeeper about to become The Master’s champion …”

  3. Roger Sahs says:

    I remember May 6, 1975 quite well…that was the only time in 4 years that we hit the deck in our high school as the sirens were blaring…
    and I told everyone on the bus on the way home that I would bet a year’s salary (back then it was $126.75) that 10 miles NW it didn’t rain, that the farm I grew up on missed out on all the fun. Turns out that our bottomland floodplain was under water after receiving 5-6″ rain in less than 1 hour. Your grandpappy Sahs said the hills got smaller that day…..
    and I am careful to bet to this day about comparing rainfall totals….

  4. […] mentioned the Aksarben horsetrack previously.  Now, it’s a commercial and residential development at 67th and Center.  Very hip area. […]

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