I read Charles Krauthammer’s opinions.  Here’s a good one about baseball.  Charles’s political opinions are quite conservative, so I’m giving you left-leaners (and those of you with no material political interest) something apolitical.  And yes, the apostrophe “s” in the immediate-prior sentence is deliberate.  Check this blog.

And here’s Charles now:


11 Comments on “Krauthammer”

  1. SAR says:

    On the subject of baseball…who really cares!?! I love going to St. Louis (a baseball town) and spending three hours at Busch, having a few $8 beers, and doing nothing. But pro baseball is dying/dead and is soon to be irrelevant. Here is why:

    1. Games are too long (4+ hour games between NY Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the norm). There is no push to compress or quicken the game.
    2. Average baseball demographic/watchers are baby boomers. The game is not marketable to the core 18-32 year old demographic.
    3. We live in a fast data driven society and time…scoring, brutal hits, and fast pace are required. Baseball has none of this.
    4. Baseball is not meant to be watched on TV…it simply does not translate.
    5. Baseball has 162 game season that should be capped at 140 games.
    6. We go into late October and watch baseball games where temps are 33F. Weak.
    7. In that same vein, baseball playoffs and World Series tries to battle NFL and NCAA football for viewer’s mindshare.
    8. Even with the Wild Card, games at this time of year don’t matter.
    9. The owners are a bunch of fat cat white guys. Remember when Mark Cuban wanted to buy the Cubs? How cool would that be? He would have made them relevant. But noooooo…Charles Farthington Woolworth III will do whatever it takes to protect their own (as owners) and that means no one under the age of 66 to be an owner.
    10. The Dodgers and the McCourts. Enough said.
    11. Steroids and HGH…nah there is no problem. Let ‘em juice. I would take HGH for softball league just to get another 10% so I don’t keep flying out at 290 feet. I am serious. I would take a performance enhancer for beer league. You think this does not happen for million dollar contracts?
    12. The Commissioner is another ‘old white guy’ adverse to change. Bud Selig actually thinks/believes the product on the field is ‘good’ and ‘relevant.’ Weak.
    13. Bud also looked the other way with the whole PED issue and offers no accountability or remorse.
    14. Baseball is a sport that does not matter once you go outside the team’s city. Aside from the Cubs, Red Sox, and Yankees – no one follows the Royals or Padres if they don’t live in KC or SD respectively. This is not the case with the NBA or NFL. I can sit down and watch any NBA or NFL game because of the pace of place and the star power that exists outside of the key major markets. You could put a gun to my head and I would not watch Washington vs. Pittsburgh.
    15. It is difficult to bet on baseball. Football and basketball are made for wagering.
    16. The Baseball HOF cannot discern between ‘good’ and ‘great.’ And the lame-ass sportswriters who have the votes punish players for cheating or if said players ‘were bums.’ Tell me again while Dale Murphy is not in the HOF, but Andre Dawson is? Weak.
    17. I can go on and on and on…but I really don’t care much about MLB to beat the dead horse up further. Have a nice day.

  2. The DA Blog says:

    Time for you to blog. Call it “BaseballSux”.

  3. SAR says:

    Eh…easier to glob up your blog. I don’t need another sideproject. Heck, I am not even on Facebook. It is a mere fad…like the Interwebs.

  4. The DA Blog says:

    During law school (mid 90’s), I recall telling people that email was like the beta VCR. Man was I dead on with that one!

  5. Debbie says:

    DA, I was thinking the same thing. SAR needs to blog!!! I also hate baseball.

  6. The DA Blog says:

    SAR’s blog would be mind-numbing. That cat can put out some serious data in a hurry.

    OK, SAR, that’s now 2 smart bloggers who think it’s time …

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