Ate lunch today at

located about 10 7-irons from the office.  Mojo is just north of 67th and Center in the O.

Pretty light crowd from 12:10 to 1:10.  My food was average, although JFP thought his ribs were above-average.   I did knock down some sweet potato fries.  Frying healthful food seems contradictory.

I was thinking about taxes today.  Please pay your taxes and remember that many forms exist:  Income, payroll, sales and use, and the rest.  I’ve worked with too many people who’ve arm-wrestled with the IRS or the Nebraska Department of Revenue–and lost.  Also remember that if you have tax problems, those agencies want you to succeed (so you can pay them what’s owed.)  The second-to-last desire they have is to put you under.  So the last thing they want is what?  (Softball question, I realize.)


3 Comments on “Mojo”

  1. Tom Proper says:

    Um…….#1 thing they don’t want is probably forcing the American League to give up the Designated Hitter Rule….just a guess

  2. Roger Sahs says:

    IRS??? I’m laughing at the superior intellect….

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