Trust Your Teammates

During law school, I played intramural flag football.  Our third-year (3L) class beat the 2L’s for the all-university championship.  Surely, that’s not the NFL’s Super Bowl, but it’s the best I can bring you.  I recall thinking that the 2L’s didn’t trust each other enough.  Guys were out of position trying to compensate for what they thought were their own teammates’s weaknesses.  Therefore, they weren’t covering their own responsibilities–and we exploited that for the title.

Nebraska appeared at times not to trust each other on Saturday night, particularly on defense.  It seemed they pressed too hard and needed to relax, do their own jobs, and trust their mates.  And they needed to throw the ball more on first down (my sentence fragments are intentional, Mr. Manser [8th grade English]).

Perhaps that translates to your job or your family.  Perhaps it doesn’t.  Think about that a bit.  And check out #34’s broken ankles at about 1:15:

Typing of football, Cousin Scott’s 2004 wedding was officiated by Judge Darryl Lowe.  Before the ceremony, Judge Lowe mentioned that he made “the show” after his college football career.  Someone questioned, “That’s cool, Judge.  How many years did you play in the NFL?”

Judge Lowe:  “12 days.  But I made the show.”

A win’s a win ….


6 Comments on “Trust Your Teammates”

  1. dj rezac says:

    one of the 5 dysfunctions of a team.

    Absense of Trust… is the first building block to overcome…..good work DA. Glad to see you back in the fold. We have missed you.


  2. Tom Proper says:

    Coach Vierk would be proud!

  3. The DA Blog says:

    Roger that. I remember one time he exploded at Fred Thomas, who was reffing our flag football game. I grabbed him by the collar and asked, “Do you think the Lord would approve??”

    TV responded, “I thought it was lead by the Spirit.” Good times …

    Make sure you watch “Macho Man on Cocaine” on YouTube. Reminded me of Tim “Nut” Glenn at FAWA.

  4. Roger Sahs says:

    Defense…offense….the Huskers will have their hands full and lose when they play up at Wisconsin.

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