Attorney-friend Craig Kelley suggested that I post about The Jayhawks, an alternative country band.  I don’t know much about them.  I’m more a Dwight Yoakam, John Prine, Hank Williams kind-of-a-guy.

But because Craig is quite knowledgeable about different musical genres, I give you … The Jayhawks and this from an email from Craig:

“Most alt country people fans describe these two like Simon and Garfunkel, Lennon & McCartney and other great duos

If you like this stuff, then take a listen to Wilco, Uncle Tupelo, Cracker and other great bands of this genre of music.”

Turn it on, tune it in, and rip the knob off.


8 Comments on “Jayhawkin’”

  1. SAR says:

    What is this…1992-1997 again (my college days…daze)??? I suppose you will be talking about the Dandy Warhols next, DA. Haha.

  2. The DA Blog says:

    That’s the goal, brotha. Craig Kelley would be proud.

    How’s the river holding up for your property down there?

  3. manutd1711 says:

    The one-and-done singer-songwriter super-group The Thorns did a solid cover of Blue on their eponymous project: http://youtu.be/bHjEqmIVE6w

    I saw the Jayhawks at Variety Playhouse in Atlanta a few years ago. Actually it was just Gary Louris and Mark Olson and some supporting players, but it was a Jayhawks setlist. Here are a few of my favorite Jayhawks tunes:

    I’d Run Away: http://youtu.be/e4ioiFqPqnQ

    Smile: http://youtu.be/gS7GVC6G9qU

    Will I See You in Heaven: http://youtu.be/dPqbSUJgBvo

    Don’t Let the World Get In Your Way: http://youtu.be/sOOo6GAz6RI

  4. Roger Sahs says:

    No comment…Time to plead the fifth amendment.

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