Albert Sahs

My maternal great-grandfather was Albert Sahs.  He farmed and raised a family outside of Wayne, Nebraska, USA.  His first name is my middle name.

In his free time, Albert enjoyed beer.  He’d drive to nearby Carroll, Nebraska to hang with his buddies at the bar.  One day, he was overserved but decided to drive the Ford Model T back home.  He became stuck in the mud after driving off the dirt road.  Some folks came along and helped him.  The following exchange occured:

Helpers:  Mr. Sahs, you’re stuck in the mud.  You’re really in trouble.

Albert:  Why?  Am I home yet?


Here’s a read about driving and flashing (your car’s headlights).  Read it if you care.


2 Comments on “Albert Sahs”

  1. Roger Sahs says:

    Or another rendition of this story is that Albert drove out to the farm from Carroll to escape the nagging from his better half…who, under such circumstances, reminded Albert he only had 2 faults…everything he said and everything he did. So Albert would take his pint of Jim Beam out to the farm to unwind and then, on the way back, he would get stuck in the mud…..
    Either tale is probably a true story. Albert told your GF Gilmore once…”The woman drove me to drink and I haven’t had even the decency to thank her!”

    • The DA Blog says:

      Good stuff, Rog.

      A little like the legend of the famous actor who died penniless. Near his death, a reporter asked him what happen to his fortune.

      “Much of it I spent on whiskey, women, and song. The rest I just wasted …”

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