My first driver’s license at age 16 reported me as 5’6″ and 115 pounds.  That’s right, 115 pounds.  Westside High cheerleaders weighed more than I.

I remember the first time I drove alone.  I took my mom to meet some friends for lunch, then I drove 1 mile home–all by myself.  The freedom of the open road felt fantastic.  The only problem was the 1986 Oldmobile Firenza I drove had a Mary Kay Cosmetics sticker on the back window.  A huge sticker.  My friends never let me live that down, but Ol’ DA didn’t care.  I was making a 10% commission for all MKC product I sold at school.  Unfortunately, my girlophobia prevented me from moving much eyeliner.

I also started lifting weights about that time.  It didn’t help.  I remained scrawny.  Most growth didn’t occur until late in college and afterward.  Late bloomer.  (Yeah, yeah, DK–in so many ways.)

If you’re into fitness, I found this read interesting.  Enjoy.  And buy some eyeliner.



6 Comments on “16”

  1. Debbie says:

    Ok, that’s funny. If my Mom made me drive a car with a Mary Kay sticker on it…I would have walked!!!

  2. Roger Sahs says:

    Late bloomer. (Yeah, yeah, DK–in so many ways.)….

    Yea Danno…you were green enough to stick in the ground and grow…

    Heck, I was 5’9″ and 125 lbs when I was 20…guess the bulk and protein (aka beer) caught up with me later.

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