Movie Review

Saw “Money Ball” last night at the Aksarben Development and rate both an A.  Good movie.  But $9.00 for a ticket and $3.75 for 12 ounces of Diet Coke?  Really?  No wonder Brad Pitt has $200,000,000 in the bank.  Serious transfer of wealth.  I digress.  It was worth the time and effort to watch a good flick with a friend and run into others.

I mentioned the Aksarben horsetrack previously.  Now, it’s a commercial and residential development at 67th and Center.  Very hip area.  Bars, restaurants, living space, walking space, a movie theater, blah, blah, blah.  Cool area.  Check it out.


I used to live near I-480 (urban interstate highway).  One roommate owned guns and liked shooting food.  He kept an unloaded shotgun in our entryway and the shotgun shells in the basement.  Just in case ….

One early Saturday morning (think 2:00 a.m.), a police chase resulted in a criminal’s car landing in our front yard.  A police helicopter hovering over our place while 20 cops looked for the bad guys.  While I slept through the entire incident, the gun-owner roommate ran downstairs and out the front entry.  The cops yelled at him to go back into the house.  He did–and saw that the shotgun was no longer in the entryway.  Yup, the crooks were in the house and had the shotgun.

He ran back outside.  The cops told him that they just caught the crooks and that all was well.  He went back inside but was–obviously–up for the sunrise.

I got up at 9:00 a.m., and he looked like he’d been run over by 20 buses.  He told me the story, including the part about the missing gun and his near heart-attack.

Me:  Oh.  I totally forgot to tell you.  I didn’t think a gun in the entryway was safe.  I moved it to the basement last week.  My bad.

Don’t mess with these people:




2 Comments on “Movie Review”

  1. SAR says:

    Kerri and I spent our 7-year wedding anniversary watching ‘Moneyball’ (with a dinner at Johnny’s Italian Cafe afterward. Money was good, save for one glaring omission:
    The A’s during the movie time had premier AL pitchers Barry Zito, Mark Mulder, and Tim Hudson. Those teams also had Eric Chavez, Jermaine Dye, and Miguel Tejada. There was a lot of talent on that roster and I thought the movie focused too much on Scott Hatteberg, Corey Bradford, and Dave Justice. Thus, it earns a B+ from SAR.

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