The night before my bar examination (circa 1998), my friend Dan and I decided that more studying was not necessary, so we headed to Barry O’s for a couple of beers.

Dan turned around to talk with some folks, and I decided to joke around with the noisy girls behind me.  I said, “Excuse me, ladies, could you hold it down?”  (Yeah, really funny, huh?)  One girl got in my face and yelled, “IT’S A BAR, BUDDY!”  I apologized for my failed humor and turned back around.

Suddenly, I felt a presence over my shoulder and turned to find Big Dude glaring at me.

Big Dude:  I understand there’s a problem here.

DA:  No problem.  I just tried to make a joke that flopped.  I’m sorry.

Two more Big Dudes appear.  I now realize that Dan and I will not make the bar examination–because we’re either going to jail or the hospital (or both).

Dan turns back around.  Now it’s Go Time.  I waited to get punched in the face.

Big Dude (looking at Dan):  Hey fellas!  Look!  It’s our old friend Danny from high school!.  We haven’t seen you in years!.  Can we buy you and your friend a drink?

Whew.  Crisis resolved.  We will, in fact, make the bar exam.

After Big Dudes left, I told Dan the story.  He said, “DA, you missed your chance to become a legend.  You needed to say, ‘Fellas, it’s nice that you know old Danny from high school, but that’s not going to stop me from pounding you into a bloody pulp eight ways to Sunday.  See you outside.'”

I can’t think quickly enough.  Remember the Condoleeza Rice story?


I’m learning to fight.  To compete more.  To be more aggressive.  And those can be good qualities when properly applied.

Think about fights you should fight.  And be the guy or gal to punch first ….



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