Asperger’s Syndrome

Whew!  I’m happy to report that I don’t have Asperger’s Syndrome (I think).  I can report this based on this test.  Asperger’s Syndrome indicates a certain geekishness.

You’ll need about 10-15 free minutes if you’re interested.  If you’re not, you likely are a productive individual who has better things to do.  Good job …

I scored a 20.

This guy may have it:




6 Comments on “Asperger’s Syndrome”

  1. SAR says:

    Eh, I scored a ’15’ which makes me far removed from AssBurgers. Apparently that makes me a biologist and/or very average woman.

  2. The DA Blog says:

    You’ve always been a self-aware gal …

  3. manutd1711 says:

    26 — above-average man. I knew I’d eventually find a scale that would properly categorize my above-average qualities!

  4. The DA Blog says:

    You mean “weird qualities”, right?

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