Some people use marijuana for health purposes:  Glaucoma, frequent vomiting from chemo, etc.  It seems to serve a legitimate medical purpose.  Thus, the debate continues about whether federal anti-drug laws should trump state laws allowing medical marijuana.

I say legalize and tax its sale and use.  In Omaha, we have the problems associated with gambling casinos across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, but we receive none of the financial benefits.  I get the Principle Argument.  But it seems the benefits outweigh the downside of abusive gambling.  Same with marijuana in my correct opinion.  Now the harder stuff (e.g. heroin, cocaine, meth, etc.) is a different story.

I know a guy (it’s not me–really) who ate some marijuana brownies before going to a college class.  He said he was talking with a pretty girl before class and really enjoying his conversation.  Then she said, “Yoooooooooooouuuuuuurrrrrrrr stoooooooooonnnnnnnnned.”  His breakfast choices changed.

California’s battling the Feds over the issue.  Read here.


4 Comments on “Marijuana”

  1. SAR says:

    “I’m say???” Come on DA, do a grammar check.

    I get much more done on meth or cocaine in a day than marijuana. “She goes running for the shelter of a mother’s little helper…”

  2. Debbie says:

    I’m with you, legalize it so it can be taxed!! I also will admit, driving drunk is WAY harder than driving after a toke, and I haven’t used since 1975, yea, I know, you weren’t even born yet!

  3. Da says:

    Fall of 1969, Deb. Thanks for the compliment.

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