Last month I posted about Social Security.  Click here to revisit.

I think a politician who said the following would generate many votes for herself or himself:

“So here’s the deal.  We’re changing Social Security for those who have not yet ‘retired’.  We’re increasing the ‘retirement’ age gradually.  And it’s going to be really unfair and you’re going to be pissed.  But let’s remember other national unfairness.

During World War II, some Americans sacrificed by growing more vegetables.  They did their job.  Other Americans sacrificed by having their heads blown off by mortar shells.  They did their jobs.  Clearly, it was unfair.  But it was for the greater good.  Now we’re going to do it again.  If we don’t, we’re stupid and selfish.”

I’d vote for someone who said that–so long as they agreed with all of my other correct opinions.

Over and out.



One Comment on “Re-Post”

  1. Roger Sahs says:

    Yes…Uncle Sam is looking sub-prime in his prime….

    It amazing that the same Americans who ran into a hail of bullets at Normandy will pay any price and bear any burden…except balance the damn federal check book when it comes to entitlement programs like medicare and social security.

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