Monday Lunch

Sorry for my absence.  The Blog tried to kick me to the curb and run itself.  Not happening …

Yesterday was Bosses Day.  To celebrate, JFP took Paralegal Annette and me to Saigon Surface at 14th and Harney in The O.  The atmosphere was very clean and snazzy.  The food was fantastic and reasonably priced.  Saigon Surface gets my first A+.  Put it on your list.

Here’s our food now, along with some rapper on an Ipad provided at each table.  Yeah, I’m That Guy Who Posts Food Pictures About Which No One Cares.



6 Comments on “Monday Lunch”

  1. Thriller says:

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!!

  2. Roger Sahs says:

    So…when’s the review of the Golden Arches know the happy place jingle….

    “McDonalds is your kind of place,

    Hamburgers in your face,

    They’ll serve you rattlesnakes,

    They’ll take your parking place,

    McDonalds is your kind of place

    I want my money back,

    Before I get a heart attack”

  3. Da says:

    Nice work, Pinto. And you too, Rog.

  4. SAR says:

    Hahahaha…I thought I had a hand in that song, Uncle Rog. I think I remember ‘rattlesnakes’ and ‘parking place’ as SAR-based contributions. I at least want Richie Sambora song credit even if Jon Bon Jovi gets the love.

    One of my former charges at work went to a grand reopening of a McDonalds on 96th & Q and since he was there at 5:04am sharp, he won a Value Meal a week, for a year. He already has the body type of Tim Herron (golfer). So I think he will keep the ‘lumpy’ build in 2012.

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