Elkhorn Nebraska Water Tower

Yesterday, my brother suggested that the Elkhorn Nebraska water tower looked like a giant golf ball on a tee.  Here it is now:

Then we had the  following bizarre discussion:

If the water tower actually was a golf ball on a tee and you became a giant (to scale) with a giant’s driver (a golf club), how far could you hit that ball?

For simplicity (my specialty), we assumed the water tower’s diameter is 100 feet, a golf ball’s diameter is 2 inches, your average drive as a non-giant is 250 yards, and a mile is 1,500 yards.

So how far could a giant drive the giant golf ball?

What club would you use to hit it east and just clear the Missouri River?  Assume 20 miles from the teeing ground to the River.

What width and and depth would be the Missouri River from the giant’s perspective?

If Kearney, Nebraska was a Par 4, what would be your first two shots?

Yeah, lots of arithmetic.

I expect SAR and DK to be neck-and-neck down the stretch.


EDIT:  DK told me he needed answers–not questions.  OK, the answer to Question 1 is 100 miles.

Now get down to some arithmetic, you lazy so and so’s.




6 Comments on “Elkhorn Nebraska Water Tower”

  1. Roger says:

    I’ll punt on this one.

  2. SAR says:

    This is a pretty typical application of the term ‘similitude’ that I used quiet extensively in my Engineering courses at ISU. Similitude applied all the time on MythBusters…where they test crashing the car on a small scale before ramping it up to the real thing. In this case, we are taking the real case (golf ball, tee, and driver) and scaling it up to Paul Bunyan sized proportions.


    I shall tackle this when I get a minute or two…rather busy personally and professionally. I shall address at some point though (especially since DA threw the DK gauntlet).

  3. The DA Blog says:

    The Grand Prize remains available. Can’t believe you math geeks haven’t locked in with ADHD-type precision.

    I know DK’s busy with a quality audit at work. What’s your excuse, Geek?

  4. Wait, you want me to do your homework? I read blogs to *get* information.

  5. The DA Blog says:

    Just posing a mental challenge to work out your brains.

    I understand that you’re busy. Got it.

  6. […] night, Male DK pointed out that my Elkhorn Water Tower post contained some flaws.  Specifically, he noted that I did not account for a change in […]

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