Tailgating and Email

During my morning commute this week, some pinhead tailgated me for about a mile on the interstate.  I politely suggested that he pass me by tapping my breaks repeatedly, as if to say, “I drive really slowly; please just pass me.”  Finally, he did and flipped me off.

I suppose he felt safe enough in his car to do that.  I doubt he’d flip me off face-to-face.  I’m not a fighter, but generally I don’t tolerate disrespect well.

Similarly, email makes people feel safe and tough.  People email rude, nasty, mean statements but otherwise would not say those things face-to-face.

So what’s my point?  Good question.

Watch your driving habits and email tendencies.  Realize that the “safe” feeling may result in us being jerks from time-to-time.

I should credit a lady for being face-to-face with my crew last night.

I stopped at my bro’s place last night, where my 11 y.o. nephew had buddies in for an overnighter.  They asked me to take them to Bag-And-Gag so they could buy a case of Busch Light.

Kidding.  They wanted to rent movies.

We came out of the store, and the guys were yelling and laughing.  A lady loading her groceries into her car turned to us, and, from no more than 15 yards away from us, yelled, “YOU KIDS NEED TO BE QUIET!!!  YOU ARE TOO LOUD!!!!”

I thought she was one of their teachers and was joking.  She wasn’t.  She was deadly serious.  My crew actually was stunned and spooked by her and quieted down quickly.

As we loaded into my ride, I looked over at her.  She was sitting in the driver’s seat starting her car.

And flipping me off.


Go figure.  Safety makes us unusually bold.

Here she is now:


3 Comments on “Tailgating and Email”

  1. Roger says:

    Damn Danno…are you flypaper for idiots???

    Get yourself a CCW permit and fire a shoot across their bow….maybe they will get the message and live…or maybe not…

  2. SAR says:

    I have to ask that too. I am one of the biggest smartmouths I know and this stuff does not happen to me. Not like I am a homebody either. Gotta shed the ‘idiot flypaper’ mode, brotha.

  3. The DA Blog says:

    SAR: That’s because you’re so intimidating. People know not to mess with you.

    My casual demeanor makes me a target, I guess.

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