November 20, 1967

Today’s my brother’s birthday.

As you know, he drills water wells.  Bill’s very good at his craft.

Drilling water wells involves finding potable water underground.  He’s not looking for a lake down there; he’s just looking for a layer of “wet sand”.

Think a creekbed and how it’s a layer of wet, goopy sand.  Bill finds those 100-400 feet underground.  He drills down to that point and sucks water out of that–and viola–you can water your yard, take a shower, and even drink it if properly filtered.

The entire process is rather complicated.

Bill tried to explain to me the concept of Total Dynamic Head, which has something to do with how big the pump he uses to move the water from underground into a building or irrigation system above ground.  I was confused (as usual), and much of what he told me about how water moves was counter-intuitive.  A bit like what my friend DK tells me about myself.  Here’s DK now:

DK:  “DA, whatever you think, whether it deals with business, women, pool tables, or just life in general–do the opposite of your instinct, and you’ll be correct.”

Generally speaking, I’m a moron.

Happy B-Day to my bro.  He’s one good dude.




2 Comments on “November 20, 1967”

  1. Roger says:

    I think he’s still drilling for that proverbial underground river of chocolate milk…as that’s what it took to quench his thirst back in the day….

  2. The DA Blog says:

    I would guess Busch Light these days …

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