Larry Munson

Legendary Georgia football radio broadcaster Larry Munson passed away recently.

This tribute video is 5:01. ¬†Wordpress is fighting with me this morning, so I’ll just post the Youtube link.


2 Comments on “Larry Munson”

  1. Roger says:

    Bet Larry couldn’t hold a candle to Lyle Bremser’s “oh man, woman, and child” broadcasts…

  2. The DA Blog says:

    “Holy moly! Johnny The Jet just tore ’em loose from their shoes!!”

    My favorite legendary Bremser story is one where the broadcast equipment malfunctioned, and he couldn’t call a touchdown pass real-time. Once they figured out the problem, Bremser made the call–even though the teams were on the sideline after the extra point.

    Bremser: “Now there’s Mauer under center. Takes the snap. He’s looking downfield and let’s it fly. Caught!!! He’s at the 20, the 10, touchdown!”

    Tuned-in fans in the stands scratched their heads, wondering whether Bremser was drinking in the pressbox. He probably was regardless …

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