But … Like …

I’m a bit surly this AM because I have a very sore throat and low-grade fever.  Among those and my shrinking chalazian, my long weekend has been tricky.  (Use “Among” when dealing with more than two items.  Use “Between” when you have two items.)

I’ve been training myself not to say “like” and “but”.

On the former, we tend to say “The Skipper’s situation is exactly like what Gilligan went through three episodes ago.”

Or … “My friend’s situation is like what I experienced 20 years ago.”

Nothing is “like” anything else.   All events and people are unique.  We should treat them as such.

EDIT:  My Bro tells me I’m wrong about this “like” concept.  He thinks “like” means “I can relate to another situation”.  I think Bill’s right about this.  So I’m going to change my opinion to simply bash any “Just Like” statements.  Thanks, Bro.  Do not type or say “Just Like”.  I’ll be watching.

Back to your regularly-scheduled programming ….

On the latter, we often attempt to excuse ourselves with a “but”.

“I don’t mean to criticize you, but ….”

“You’re not a complete moron, but …”

I’m trying to be more direct (like DK).  See, there I go again.

What if we just said: “I’m going to criticize you, and I expect you to be equally direct with me.  We do that to make ourselves better.”

Then make your point and let it go.  Follow with a joke.  Move ahead.

This post is lame, but it’s like most of my other posts.

Even that italicized attempt at humor was lame.

You should unbookmark me.

Nice save by this chick at 0:41-0:43.  Please pump up the volume on the laugh track:


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