Athletes And A Million Dollars

Last night, Brian Ball and I discussed professional athletes who earn millions of dollars to play games.

A chief complaint I hear is “Those overpaid athletes aren’t worth their paychecks.”

If you don’t like what Derrick Rose, Phillip Rivers, and Albert Pujols earn, I have a suggestion.

Don’t attend their games, but if you do, don’t buy a hotdog and beer.  Don’t pay for cable TV.  Don’t buy their jerseys.

Vote with your wallet not leaving your pocket.

My friend Tom is fond of saying, “People like to identify and complain about problems; solving them is an entirely different story.”

I agree with Tom.

This post is lame.  My bad …

Here’s some old school Charles Barkley.  The video’s grainy and the music soooo 80’s.  Sir Charles had a great handle and could move well for a fat boy.

At 1:01, his eye looks like mine a week ago.  The clips following that are pretty cool.


One Comment on “Athletes And A Million Dollars”

  1. manutd1711 says:

    No dunk shots from his days with the Suns. Different player with a different game there.

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