Just Watched This Jaw-Dropper …

Dr. Pepper is the primary sponsor of the SEC Championship college football game.

At halftime, they have a “throw-off” for $100,000.00 USD.  The person who throws the most footballs into a giant Dr. Pepper can in the allotted time wins the money.

Two women squared off–one from Nevada and one from Enterprise, Alabama.

The Alabama gal used CHEST PASSES (think basketball).  She wasn’t throwing a spiral!  Her chest passes wobbled their way to the target.  What?

The Nevada gal actually threw a football as designed.

I’m glad the spiral-throwing Nevada gal won.  I can barely believe what I just saw from an Alabama gal!  The entire state should hang its head in shame …

My college-senior-year roommate was from Enterprise, Alabama.  We had a nightly “Word of the Day” challenge.  Alternating each night, we had to define, spell, and use in a sentence a previously-unknown word from our daily studies.

One night, I had “obsequious”, which is “deference of manner according to the rank of another”.

Use in a sentence:  “The waiter was obsequious toward the rich restaurant patron.”

The very next day, my roommate attended his English Literature class, and Dr. Ralph Joly told the class that he would dismiss them early if anyone know knew the definition to of a word in his daily reading.

You’re ahead of me, I realize.  The word was obsequious.

My buddy, in his thick, thick South Alabama drawl, hit a 450-foot homerun.  Dr. Joly was stunned.

Class dismissed, baby.

True story.


2 Comments on “Just Watched This Jaw-Dropper …”

  1. mj monaghan says:

    Nice way of ending class early!

  2. SAR says:

    Your comment about that $100,000 halftime challenge is on the mark, DA. I was explaining to Steve LA about how after Ms. Chestpass made her first four (4) tosses, she was too tired to take it to the hole. Did you see the dude who lost to some chick in the Big Ten Dr. Pepper challenge?!? Let’s see, you have all this time to prepare and you cannot execute? Kinda like the comment on Oklahoma’s defense at half. Stoops was asked about the execution of his defense to which he simply said, ‘Yes.’

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