I assume my Site Stats are up this morning because–for Omaha folks–you’re not going to church/brunch/whatever because of the recent snow.

I think it caught us a bit off guard.

I’m a weather geek, and I was thinking this storm would be a fairly narrow band of precip, which it was, but I didn’t expect the high depth of snow.  The temperature was barely below the freezing mark, which results in wet, heavy stuff that normally doesn’t stack up.

It stacked up.

To boot, we had rain preceding the freeze.  Therefore, a nice little ice layer accumulated as the appetizer.

If you’re inclined to go out, shuffle your feet when on a slick surface.  Bend your knees a bit, also.

Them’s my winter-weather tips.

Oh, and stay inside, with some chili or other good food.

Here’s winter now.  What possessed the person at 0:23-ish???



6 Comments on “Snow”

  1. mj monaghan says:

    Fellow Husker! I’m from Omaha, but live in Sacramento now. I saw the weather on the news – let’s just say I feel for you. It’s supposed to be 60 here.

    Stay warm. I’m following you now.

    Check me out when you get a chance:

    • The DA Blog says:


      Thanks for your email. I’m gassing up my car and heading to Sac-Town right now!

      Kidding, obviously. Good to hear from you in CA. Stay well and warm.

      I putting on another layer as I type …

  2. What possessed the person at 0:23-ish???


  3. The DA Blog says:

    DK: Where is the emphasis on your word? BAY-nall or beh-NAIL?

  4. Roger says:

    This why I moved 500 miles south of a state that curiously rhymes with Alaska many moons ago…

  5. The DA Blog says:

    Smart move, son. Until the temp exceeds 100 degrees for 57 days in a row in the Summer.

    Not certain that was the actual number of days, but I think I’m close.

    We all have our meteorological weaknesses …

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