Limit Your Liability

If you own a business, your first line of defense against legal claims is your insurance.

Your linebackers are business entities (e.g. a corporation, limited liability company, or similar entity).

Your defensive backs are your professional advisors (e.g. a good CPA and a good attorney).

Should a running back bust through your D-line and attempt to get past the second level (the linebackers), your defensive backs would provide run support.

That would likely occur if the person claiming injury by your business argued a Corporate Veil Piercing.  I previously posted about that legal doctrine.  Review here.

Here’s another article from my CPA friends over at Lutz & Company regarding insurance.

Speaking of busting through a defense, here’s Tony Dorsett now going 99.5 yards to pay dirt.  Interestingly, the Cowboys only had 10  offensive players on the field.  Fullback Ron Springs was mistakenly on the sidelines.

Tony “The Hawk” Dorsett was an explosive athlete.  He normally was up to full speed in 2-3 strides:



2 Comments on “Limit Your Liability”

  1. Roger says:

    Turn the lights out….the party’s over….

  2. DA says:

    Dandy Don could sing.

    And drink on-air. But he’s no Joe Namath …

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