Body Mass

The human body fascinates me.  The chemical, material, and electrical attributes of a body have been studied for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and we discover new things all the time.

I recently read an article that described what composes our bodies.  Here’s the example:

Say we have a guy–call him DJ–who weighs 200 pounds.   What makes up that 200 pounds?  The article suggested the following, assuming DJ’s body composition is 15% fat and 85% lean body mass:

Total Mass: 200 lbs
Lean Body Mass (muscle, water, bone, etc.): 170 lbs
Fat Mass: 30 lbs
Total Body Water: 119 lbs
Total Non-Water Lean Mass (protein, mineral, etc): 51 lbs
Total Muscle Mass: 85 lbs
Muscle Water, Mineral, etc: 68 lbs
Muscle Protein (mostly contactile): 17 lbs

See how much water makes up DJ?  119 pounds?  We really are liquidy (technical term).  That’s why it’s important to drink between 64 and 128 ounces of water each day.

The figures are derived from scientific estimates about various percentages of what composes us.

I found this interesting, but then again, I find the Internal Revenue Code interesting.  (I’m looking in your direction, Sonia.)

Here are some humans running, jumping, and lifting now.  The first video’s a little slow, but recall that the dude Vince Carter dunks over at 1:26 is over 7 feet tall.


Here’s ESPN’s take on the 20th Century.  It gets rolling at 1:35.  Great music.  And “SEND IT IN, JEROME!!!” at about 4:15.





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