My buddy DK read an article recently where the author queried how many Wikipedia “Random Article” clicks it would take before he saw a post that he actually knew substantially.  The author took 17 clicks on the “Random Article”.

So DK and I figured the author must be dim-witted.  How can you click 17 times and not know something about the random posts?

Now DK and I are reasonably intelligent guys.  We figured our clicks would be in the single digits.

DK?  22.

Me?  27.

Give it a go yourself and Comment how many clicks you have.  The Random Article button is top-left.


2 Comments on “Wikipedia”

  1. Debbie says:

    I got lucky, on click #9 it was an article on Patty Loveless, a country singer and I listen to country music so knew the article. I again got lucky on click #12 which was an article on Cancer.

  2. DA says:

    Just between us gals, I got mine in 2. “Dawn of the Dead”.

    I felt like a cheater. So I did it again for my reported 27.

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