Special Delivery

Thanks for all of the Comments from Anagrams.  Check them out if you have time.

The current leader in the clubhouse is Doc D:  She noted that one anagram for Mother-in-law is “Woman Hitler”.  Very funny, D.

With the holidays in full swing, I remembered one Christmas when my bro and I requested that our parents get us an Atari video game system.  (Missile Command was a great game.)  Our Dad insisted that he was not going to buy an Atari–that it was too expensive and was a complete brain-and time-waster.  We begged for weeks to no avail.  Chaunce was not budging.

Christmas Eve arrives, and the biggest box under the tree is just about the size of an Atari box.

Dan:  Bill, we got him to cave.  Yes!

Bill:  Shut up you pinhead.  We don’t need Dad changing his mind at the last minute.

So we unwrap all the boring, practical gifts and finally get around to the Atari.  We start yelling, “We got an Atari!  We got an Atari!”  Dad interrupts with a stern, calm message.

“Boys, I told you we weren’t getting you an Atari.  Now unwrap it.”

Disappointed, we start unwrapping what likely would be a 3-volume set of cookbooks or a typewriter.  (Yeah, it was a long time ago.)  We finally get through the wrapping.

And it was an Intellivision.

The Cadillac of gaming systems.

This thing blew Atari out of the water.

We went absolutely Nuts.  Bonkers.  Crazy.

After a couple of hours of sweet, delicious gaming, Dad and Uncle Wayne made us go to bed.  Why?  So they could stay up until the sun rose playing baseball and poker on OUR Intellivision.

I remember those things about my dad.  The joking.  The misdirection.  The mischief.  He’s a good man.

EDIT:  It appears FedEx has told YouTube to pull the disparaging video of a delivery guy throwing stuff over a fence–unless YouTube would like to hear from a team of powerful lawyers.


8 Comments on “Special Delivery”

  1. manutd1711 says:

    Nice story. Re-live the magic!

    • The DA Blog says:

      Good stuff, Billy. I felt like I was 11 again!!

      • manutd1711 says:

        I had a friend with Intellivision, and we played this game a million times. In fact, within the last 5 years, when I visited his parents’ house when he was home for Christmas, his brothers and/or nieces and nephews were playing this game. The sounds of that game always remind me of his house.

  2. manutd1711 says:

    Didn’t have Atari or Intellivision. When I finally got a Commodore 64 in 1983, I had this game.

    • The DA Blog says:

      I once played a single session of Astrosmash for 4.5 hours. Didn’t have to start over. At one point, I had 450 ships and over 4.0m points.

      Then Chaunce game downstairs and made me shut ‘er down …

  3. Roger says:

    Yep, I remember that Christmas. To say that Dan and Bill were excited is a vast understatement…the effect after opening that package was like a mass cocktail of caffeine/nicotine/six-pack of Red Bull for each curtain climber. Crystal meth would’ve been a downer….
    Your dad and Uncle Wayne loved the poker dealer and his “shifting eyes”….
    And yes, it was the transwarp drive of gaming systems of it’s day.

  4. SAR says:

    You and Bill made my Intellivision time pure Hell. Everytime I wanted to play, you would say, “SAR you played last time.” And I never played…ever. Very similar to how I was always on the downhill side of Valley Street when it came to football. Kudos to you and Bill for turning me into the cynical hardass I am. Hahahaha. 🙂

    • The DA Blog says:


      While most will not get the inherent humor in your Comment, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at that. Nice work, son.

      Comment Of The Short-Year Award is in the mail.

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