To date, The DA Blog has 6,119 hits.  Thanks for reading.  I’ve enjoyed this process, and I’m hopeful you’ve found it educational and/or entertaining.

Last night, I ate shrimp scampi havarti and potato-leek soup with my family.  We’ve had that meal for roughly the last 15 Christmas Eves.  The shrimp dish is a delicious heart attack.  Despite that, I weighed in at a lean 174 pounds this afternoon, having lost 11 pounds since August 30, 2011.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  Now get back to work on Monday!

Over and out.



4 Comments on “Stats”

  1. SAR says:

    DA – Now that you and I are in the same weight class, we can box.

    SAR’s stats:

    Boxing Stance: Righty (Orthadox)
    Height: 5′-6½″
    Weight: 171 lbs
    Fight Reach / Arm Length: 25“
    Total Career Fights: 9 (none were sanctioned)

    • Roger says:

      The Thrilla at SAR’s Villa….

      Sign me up for my ringside seat…

      • The DA Blog says:

        I can hear the ring announcer right now:

        In this corner, weighing 174 pounds, from Parts Unknown–Stick Boy.

        And in the home corner, weighing 171 pounds, from Italy because he talks with his hands–SAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!

    • The DA Blog says:


      I’d do it, but my promoter won’t let me. He says my center of gravity is too high and that you’d body shot me to Jupiter in Round 1.

      So I guess it’s off …

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