Boxing Day

Prior to reading Wikipedia’s entry about Boxing Day, I had only vague notions about this holiday.

I knew that Canadians recognized Boxing Day.

I also knew that Canadians recognized Boxing Day.

Beyond that, I was clueless.

As the name implies, Boxing Day appears to derive from the relatively-ancient practice of wealthy people giving their servants gift boxes on the day after Christmas to ensure that those working on Christmas were motivated to perform well.

I suppose parents employ a similar method with children:  Behave when we go to Aunt Betty and Uncle Lloyd’s house, and we’ll stop at McDonald’s on the way home for a McFlurry.

My parents employed a different method:  We are going to Betty and Lloyd’s, and they have many nice things.  Don’t break them.

Here’s a boxing video now.  Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler duke it out in what many consider the greatest single round in boxing history.  The referee is nearly KO’d at 0:55.





One Comment on “Boxing Day”

  1. Roger says:

    Almost as good as the 13-man battle royal pro wrasslin’ match I saw in Sioux City’s Municipal Auditorium back in 1979….
    BTW, Andre the Giant won….

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