Yesterday morning at 5:14, I received the first of six texts over a one-hour period from a client’s brother.

The brother’s increasingly-angry texts berated me for wasting his brother’s money with my legal fees in a recent legal matter without really achieving a result.

My internal reaction?  People like to “draw” their lawyers to make a point.  But being a man person of principle can get expensive.

My external reaction?  I told the brother I’d be happy to meet and discuss the situation.  (Remember the “In times of stress and crisis” post?)

I’m not a pitbull attorney.  I don’t yell or attempt to intimidate.

What I attempt is to understand the facts, apply the law with reason, and achieve the desired result.  Admittedly, I don’t always achieve what I or my client desires.  Sometimes one does not realize that a dead-end exists until one walks down it.

The final text accused me of practicing “Eric Clapton Law”, quoting from Clapton’s hit “Lay Down Sally” and ending with “MAN UP AND SHOW ME SOMETHING”.  Wow.

When I drove to work yesterday morning, I clicked on the radio for some music.

(You can see this coming.)

The song on the radio:  “Bump, bump, bump–Lay down Sally, I rest you in my arms ….”

I kid you not.

I almost drove into the ditch on the West Dodge Expressway from my laughter.

Here’s an audio from Slowhand.  I note this only because I’ve always smiled when the guy at 0:55 yells from the audience.  Nothing like putting on a show that your audience obviously enjoys:


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