An Art Not Entirely Lost …

I just reminded myself of the importance of reading.

While I obviously enjoy videos (see many prior posts) and understand that we can learn from them, I believe reading is superior as a pedantic device.  It’s also much harder than watching videos or seeing photos.

You also must find worthy reading material.  I typically think the best writers embrace the concept that if I (the writer) find something interesting, funny, or noteworthy, others likely will as well.

The same is true of humor:  If you hear a joke and laugh, retelling it likely will generate additional laughter.  But it you believe the joke to be unfunny, I wouldn’t retell it.

Finding time to read also is difficult, as you well know.

For example, DJ of The O has 2 sets of twins to raise and a business to run.  His time is limited.

Captious Nut of Long Island, NY homeschools his kids (and stays at home with the golf clubs while his wife toils in New York City).  His time is limited.

Carolee of Tampa-ish, Florida has a large family to raise.  Her time is limited.

All of us must prioritize and maximize our efficiencies while reminding ourselves of the importance of downtime and leisure for balance.

So–nothing earth shattering here.  Think about catching up on good reading.

Or just watch this video:


8 Comments on “An Art Not Entirely Lost …”

  1. manutd1711 says:

    Plus reading is hard.

  2. Amber Garibay says:

    I indulged in a little reading today…. Your blog was a nice treat. Today is my birthday and so I am taking time for me. Your words were a gift. 🙂 Have a delightful day:)

    • The DA Blog says:

      Hey Amber:

      Happy Birthday and thanks for dropping in! I’m glad you enjoyed some time on The DA Blog. I attempt a mix of light, heavy, and educational.

      Enjoy the rest of your day. I’ll look forward to future posts from you and the bird.



  3. Carolee says:

    Thanks for the shout out Dan, I still try to get in a good read every now and then. Does your blog count? 🙂

  4. mj monaghan says:

    Nice. Can you set up the page turner for me?

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