Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day.   For those who vacation today–Happy Day Off.

I’m looking your way bankers, government employees, school kids, et al.


I recently recalled that my most successful law school classmates wrote down virtually everything our professors said.  Our #3 graduate nearly constantly had a pen and paper at his disposal and furiously wrote on that paper.

That same guy came out of the Summer of ’98 bar examination looking like someone kicked his puppy.  I asked him what was wrong.

The exchange?

DA:  “John, what is wrong?”

John:  “I just failed the bar exam.”

DA:  “John–That would be the biggest surprise in Nebraska legal history.  I am sure you are fine.”


John landed a plumb job with a large law firm.  He was–in fact–fine.

I have lost track of John.  He probably owns several planets by now.  He was smart and a really nice guy to boot.  That combination is interesting to me.  Here is why.

Smart jerks have many critics.  While successful, many people can say, “Yeah, he is successful, but nobody likes him.”


Smart cool people have many friends.  People say, “Yeah, she is successful, and she is a decent, kind lady.”

Great combination to have:  Smart and decent.


Strive for that.  Be cool to those around you.  And write constantly–whether on paper, your Smarter-Than-I Phone, or on your hand.

You will be better for it.

That is my tip-of-the-day:  Write down stuff.




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