The DA Blog just cracked 7k visits.

Our staff (I) am feverishly working to determine who was Mrs./Ms./Mr. 7k to award a prize.

Suggestions for said prize are welcome–unless you are the winner.

I would post another video, but I believe the Alan Iverson video about practice is sufficient.




4 Comments on “7k”

  1. Tom says:

    If the 7k prize goes unclaimed, I’ll take it off your hands. Maybe I can take Suh out to dinner & anger management class?

  2. The DA Blog says:

    Your suggestion is a worthy goal. While quite wealthy, it appears Suh requires a “dial-it-down” dinner.

    I understand his point that “I don’t want teams to respect Detroit–I want them to fear Detroit”. However, that fine line between respect and fear also defines public image and NFL fines. And it matters not whether the line is correct. Someone sets that line.

  3. SAR says:

    I fear Detroit’s decaying infrastructure, housing market, and economic woes. I don’t respect much if anything about Detroit. Though I did like Magnum PI’s use of a Detroit Tigers baseball cap. Whatever happened to TC and Rick?

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