I assistant coach my 12 y.o. nephew’s basketball team.   Our team is 4-0 and tough.

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, we had the early slot on the calendar:  An 8:30 a.m. game against an athletic, heady, competitive team.

Our guys arrived looking like they spent Friday night sweet-talking their girlfriends:  Tired and not caring much about basketball.

We quickly fell behind 14-4, and I had the bad “run-out-of-the gym” feeling–so I called timeout.

With relative calm, I told the guys to “stay with [your] man” and “box out” [for those unfamiliar–a term instructed to keep your opponent away from the ball so you can get said ball in your possession].

We started scoring, rebounding, “boxing out”, and defending.  We generated some momentum.

The final score?  28-26.


The guys were glad to win, and I was glad that our coaching contributed.

One reason was that our team really started to trust our teammates.  You’ll recall that I posted about the importance of that concept.

I generally don’t click on Reposts–mostly because I have plenty of things to do already.  I don’t need you to “remind me” about what you already typed.  I’ve read it already.

Please humor me and click on the Repost.  If not, I get your busy day.

Over and out.


6 Comments on “Hoops”

  1. Uncle Rog says:

    Care to assist our BB coach??? He could use a Lincoln in the Ford camp….

  2. SAR says:

    That would make you like the Van Gundys (Stan and Jeff). Did you see their story on the recent Bryant Gumbel HBO show?



  3. manutd1711 says:

    Do they box out better than you? Or do they fall over like a sack of potatoes as well?

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