Jeremy Lin plays basketball for the New York Knickerbockers.

Jeremy Lin is a Harvard-educated ChineseTaiwanese-American (thanks, SAR) who nearly fell off the National Basketball Association radar recently, but now he holds the NBA record for the most points (and the most turnovers) for an NBA player in his first 5 games.

Mr. Lin is old-school in his play. He passes before he shoots (unlike the 6th graders I coach), but he shoots fairly well (like the Creighton Bluejays, who shot 12-14 from 3-point land last night).

NBA teams will figure out how to stop Mr. Lin.

But then they’ll have to figure out how to stop the Knickerbockers, who have Amare Stoudamire and Carmelo Anthony returning from injury. IMCBHO (In My Correct But Humble Opinion), those stars will crash and burn the Knicks’s chances to make a playoff run.

Here’s Jeremy now–sorry about the Copy/Paste and commercial:


6 Comments on “Lin-derella?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Mr. Lin is only doing what every black basketball player does every day, he’s only getting all the attention because he is Asian. Lin-tastic will fade soon or prove us wrong.

    • The DA Blog says:

      Not every black basketball player breaks an NBA record for most points scored in his first five starts …

      I do agree with you that teams will shut him down, and likely he’ll be remembered in 15-20 years like Tommy Tutone of “867-5309”–a one-hit wonder.

      Like that song …

  2. SAR says:

    I thought Mr. Jeremy Shu-How Lin is of Taiwanese descent. Don’t ever make the mistake of calling a Taiwanese person ‘Chinese.’

    I disagree on the race card. I cannot say it does not factor. The bigger issue is that this guy was in D-League in January. He is a 12th/13th man who got a shot because of injuries. Only in sports does attending Harvard work against ya (ref: Mr. Lin and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills). I like an underdog whether Mr. Lin, Rocky Balboa, or Victor Cruz. Lin is the anti-Tebow. Timmy was an all-American, winner at UF, and 1st Round Draft pick. Lin is lucky to be in the League and has seized the moment. He has embraced the moment (when was the last time has Kobe been lit for 38pts?). New York is a diehard basketball town and those fans are jonesing for the Knicks to be relevant again. East Coast folks (Philly, Boston, New Yorkers) are hard working people. They appreciate and recognize greatness irrespective of the source. In this case, the delta between ‘measurables’ and ‘success’ is so great that every now and again, we stop and take notice in Mr. Lin.

    BTW, I can sing that one-hit wonder still to this day. I cannot sing more than three Bruce Springfield songs by comparison.

    • Uncle Rog says:

      Only thing Jeremy and Timmy have in common is….”all they do is Lin/win”…

      This is good PR for pro basketball…as the story continues to unfold with Melo and Amare rejoining the starting lineup….

    • Uncle Rog says:

      Can’t think of many songs by Bruce Springfield either…on the other hand, Bruce Springsteen or Rick Springfield, well…I went to those concerts…back in the day.

  3. What’s with the East Coast ass kissing? Did you apply for a job out there and now you’re hoping they search on you?

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