This afternoon, I walked through the kitchenette in our office, and a large box of Jones Bros. cupcakes started yelling at me. Here is some of their family now:

I mentioned to Amanda that these little bits of deliciousness pretend to be our friends, but they simply are our enemies–particularly when you’re 42 and attempting healthful eating.

Amanda noted–as she chomped into a strawberry cupcake–that these are our “Frienenemies”.

This week, events I observed reminded me that sometimes those you believe have your best interests in mind in fact do not. They are polite and amenable to what you say, but they really are working against you.

I observed this phenomenon in a Landlord-Tenant matter and in another contract dispute.

Once the parties realize the subterfuge, the damage is done.

If you experience this, kick your own backside really hard–once. Then move along with another life lesson.

Attempt to avoid this by anticipating trouble, which clearly is hard work–but it can be done.

Just be on the lookout for Frienemies. (Thanks, Amanda, for that new term.)

And look out for Marshawn Lynch in the 2011 NFL Playoffs. One of the great runs of all time. Love his stiff-arm on #22 at the 35 yardline:


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