The National Football League

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the hammer on the New Orleans Saints recently.

Can you identify the Top 5 NFL Scandals (according to ESPN)?

I got 2/5.

Here they are now.


3 Comments on “The National Football League”

  1. SAR says:

    Let’s see (off top of my head)…Karras/Hornug gambling, Mike Vick, Spygate Patriots, Bountygate New Orleans, and ahhhh hmmmmm DeBartelo Jr in some casino mess?

  2. SAR says:

    Actually I knew 4 of the 5 but heard the DeBartelo on a couple of days ago…totally forgot how he “took care of” his players and went willy nilly in his other business dealings.

    I miss Alex Karras on “Webster.”

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