1.578 Billion Seconds

That’s roughly how many seconds my parents have been married.

They celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, October 5, 2013. For perspective, that translates as follows:

*18,262 days;
*438,288 hours;
*26,297,280 minutes;
*1,577,836,800 seconds.

They married about two months before Jack Kennedy was assassinated.

The Nebraska football team started its Memorial Stadium sellout streak about then.

Happy Anniversary to Karen and Chauncey.  Here’s the happy couple now.  Click to bigify.



One Comment on “1.578 Billion Seconds”

  1. Roger says:

    I actually still remember this event…bits and pieces, anyways. I didn’t want my photo taken in with the family picture…I think my “brat” mode was set on high that day. I remember the photo taken out in front with your dad, my grandpa Sahs, my dad, your “uncle” Phil, etc. Classic. I do seem to recall my mother being disappointed by not having the traditional church wedding and putting Warren/Hink to task by having the wedding there. But when I look on it, it was a great backdrop and really, back in the day, many weddings were held in parent/other relation homes of the couple. But she came to grips with it and both my folks fondly reminisced about that day in the years that followed growing up on the farm.

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