One of my favorite TV channels is C-Span.

Why?  Because C-Span brings me as close to federal government leadership as I can get without following them around in person, which might lead to some form of restraining order–especially if I shouted some of the thoughts that go through my mind.

And I prefer to generate my opinions of people not based on what others say about them but on what they say themselves.

This leads to surprises for me.  I end up occasionally surprisingly impressed with people with whom–at least on paper–I should disagree.  But I come to respect their reasoning and approach after listening to them.  Dianne Feinstein (Democratic Senator from California) is one name who comes to mind.  I also end up unimpressed with people with whom–at least on paper–I should agree.  A Texas Congressman comes to mind, although his name slips my recall.

I think more C-Span viewing would result in more informed voting. The technology allows us greater access to the thoughts and reasoning process of those who govern.

So my advice is this:  The next time you and your significant other can’t find suitable television, sidle up and suggest some C-Span.  If the viewing goes south, you can blame it on me.  And if it results in greater comity in your relationship, all the better!


2 Comments on “C-Span”

  1. Roger says:

    Ignorance and apathy are major threats to a democracy. Trying to get the average American to watch C-Span is like trying to get them to eat their veggies..it just isn’t palatable (unless you are a vegan who won’t even eat animal crackers…sheeesh). Most have been irrevocably dummed-down watching Duck Dynasty or American Idol or whatever MSNBC dishes out.

    I’m glad you have prioritized some time to watch it. Maybe I should ask for your observations/conclusions from time to time instead of listening to propaganda minister Jay Carney’s remarks.

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