College Football: Weather

Welcome back to The DA Blog Sunday Night College Football Rules Review.  Let’s look at a topic of particular relevance given what I see on my favorite website.

This weekend, I watched a couple of football games played in the snow, which appeared fun but logistically difficult for officials and stadium crews.  So I wondered what the NCAA Football 2013 and 2014 Rules and Interpretations say about snow and field conditions.

To conduct my investigation of all 211 pages, I Control-F’d “Snow”–and I found nothing.  Not one hit.

I Control F’d “Ice”–and I found nothing.  Not one hit.

I Control F’d “Field Conditions”–and I found nothing.  Not one hit.

I Control-F’d “Weather” and found many lightning references and weather website links, but nothing about snow, ice, or other pestilences.

After finding nothing about how to administer a snowy game, I concluded that the rule is, “Play Football”, which seems like a good rule.  Who doesn’t enjoy playing football in the snow?

(One guy who didn’t appear to enjoy the snow this weekend was a place-kicker who blasted his offensive lineman in the colon during a One-Point Try Down Field Goal, which I suppose the offensive lineman didn’t enjoy either.  [See this post for an explanation of the term One-Point Try Down Field Goal.]

The “Play Football” rule does leave unanswered whether the home team can employ a guy with a snowblower to help out his place kicker before a critical field goal, the NFL-version of which you can see here:

So my report tonight is a non-report.  I have no rule interpretation for you.

Happy Holidays.


3 Comments on “College Football: Weather”

  1. Roger says:

    Skip Bayless from ESPN fame doesn’t want NFL teams to be playing in the snow/rain/other with the rationale of not being able to play up to their “true” potential in such adverse weather conditions.
    I agree to an extent that the SB should be played under a dome, but not playoff games, let alone the all regular season games. If a Tampa Bay team has to play in Green Bay in the NFC championship game, too bad…they should’ve tried to win home field advantage during the regular season.

    • The DA Blog says:

      If the Farmer’s Almanac has it correct, the 2014 Super Bowl will be a massive snowstorm.

      I think that would be good for the game. Suit up Bednarik and Bronko Nagurski and play it Old School.

    • The DA Blog says:

      I find Skip Bayless to be more entertainer than commentator.

      Pardon The Interruption is more substantive commentary, IMHBCO. But that’s just one guy’s opinion . . .

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