Another Great Weather Map

Here’s a weather map to supplement the Wind Chill Index.  It’s snow depth on the ground, but the image is not clickable and not real-time.  You’ll need to do more legwork if you want information more current than the date and time of this post.

Note the heavy snow in the Rockies–as one would expect.


3 Comments on “Another Great Weather Map”

  1. Tiger fan says:

    note the heavy greenery in the south, as one would expect. now that’s balance boy


    • The DA Blog says:

      I’d love some of that balance when it’s -8 windchill here.

      We’ll soon complain about the oppressive heat index. Now that’s a lack of balance, boy.

      • Roger says:

        According to the “million $” weatherman from WGN, 52% of the country was covered by a snowpack last weekend…except for the green southern states, of course. Even Switzerland (aka Oklahoma) is covered in shades of blue…interesting since this has been traditionally a very hot red state, politically speaking…LOL.

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