College Football: Hair

Welcome back to The DA Blog Sunday Night College Football Rules Review.

Tonight, I thought I’d study up on the rule related to tackling a ball carrier by his hair, as I saw a couple of NFL guys with long hair and thought about how much being tackled by the hair might hurt.

(As a side note, did you know that in the days before all players wore helmets, some players grew their hair long and wrapped it in bandanas for protection?  President Teddy Roosevelt started pushing for more regulation of the game after 18–yes, 18–players died in one year.)

The guy in the back-row-right looks like he needs longer hair over his left eye.

I searched the Rulebook under the obvious term “Hair”.  And I didn’t find one hit in all 211 pages.

So today’s rule discussion is no discussion at all.  I find myself frustrated that I could find nothing under “Hair”.  Therefore, I’m going to bed.

Please note that in the near-term, the Sunday Night College Football Rules Review will morph into a review of NFL rules, as the college season is nearly over, and the NFL is now into crunch-time.  Please fill out a Comment if you have a particular rule that requires analysis, and I’ll be glad to include it in upcoming versions.


4 Comments on “College Football: Hair”

  1. Dj says:

    Tell us about the 1 point safety
    The drop kick?
    The free kick.

    Seldom known parts of the game we all love.



  2. Jen says:

    I think the dudes with long hair get what they are asking for when tackled this way…they look like hippies!

  3. Roger says:

    For a drop kick reference, watch the original “The Longest Yard” movie…

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