Reading List

I carry the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution with me on most occasions.  This should surprise no one who knows me.

While dry reading, these documents primarily compose our laws’ written backbone.  You can find copies of each here:
One Declaration signatory was Robert Morris, whom I find an especially interesting guy.  He was the Chief Financial Officer of the American Revolution and raised capital for George Washington’s Army.  At times, he was responsible to find up to $20,000.00 per day to feed, clothe, and equip the Army.  (I do not know the current equivalent amount but assume something north of $20,000.)

Morris begged, borrowed, and probably “technically” stole to achieve this impressive goal.  You can read more about him here.

The Constitution is a difficult read, and while judges have interpreted it since its origin, it endures as codification of a brilliant governing design.

I write this to emphasize that regularly revisiting your fundamentals–personal or professional–is critical to success.  Why and how do you do what you do?

People write mission statements all the time, which condense why companies and organizations exist, but good mission statements prove themselves as a focal point for efforts that ultimately result in success.

Tom Osborne’s book “More Than Winning” contains the best mission statement I have read.  (I cannot find an electronic version; let me know if you have one, and I shall post it.)

That is all.



3 Comments on “Reading List”

  1. You’re not going to tell us what the mission statement is?

  2. Roger says:

    Woody Hayes’ mission statement…”Because I couldn’t go for three.”

    Why it’s great: Lets get two things straight. Woody Hayes didn’t know when to stop and Woody Hayes hated Michigan.

    Hayes went for two against Michigan even though he had a 36 point lead in the 1968 game. When he was asked about it, he dropped this spit-fire quote that pretty well summed up his mission statement.

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