Mr. T

In 1983 or 1984, I stood close enough to Mr. T to touch him during a stopover and media event in Omaha.  (This occurred during his heyday after playing Clubber Lang in “Rocky III”.)  After that episode, I decided to make a Mr. T bust in junior high art class–mohawk and all.  While not Michelangelo’s David, the bust was my brief art career’s crowning achievement.

What I did not realize is that Mr. T apparently either is now an NFL cornerback or is impersonating Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.

Here is the video evidence I have compiled:  The first exhibit is one of the great monologues in Rocky lore; the second may cause Erin Andrews to rethink her sideline reporter role.

UPDATE (Monday, January 21):  As I noted about C-Span, I enjoy hearing directly from people.  Consequently, I’ll post Richard Sherman’s post-post-game interview out of journalistic fairness.  Take it away Richard:


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