Binary Systems

Is life generally a light switch that is On/Off (i.e. a binary system) or is it more akin to a dimmer switch (i.e. “How much”)?

For example, people talk about being “passionate” about life’s endeavors, asking “Are you passionate about your job?”  While I understand this question, I think the better question is “How passionate?”  In this regard, I try not to think in binary terms but in dimmer switch terms–“How much?”

I thought about this after reading this article, which makes an interesting point about retirement, which the author seems to believe is an unusual, unnatural government creation.  (For the record, I found the article a little touchy/feely in places but am learning to eat the fish and spit out the bones.)

If you want to read a bit more about binary systems (e.g. computers), click here.

That is all.


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