Shawn Eichorst, Mike Riley, and Bob Devaney

I’ll be brief with this prediction.  I have no “inside” information.  I am out on a limb here.

I predict that Nebraska Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst’s hiring of new Nebraska Football Coach Mike Riley will affect Nebraska football substantially similarly to the hiring of Bob Devaney in 1962.

You read it here early.


3 Comments on “Shawn Eichorst, Mike Riley, and Bob Devaney”

  1. Uncle Rog says:

    I think you are way way out on a limb here, to the point of sawing the limb on the other side of you won’t make any difference…. This hire did nothing for me. Mike may be the matter – antimatter version of Bo, but that does not mean this nice guy will turn the ship around and beat the likes of Wisconsin, Michigan State or let alone, the Ohio States of the world. My realistic hope might be that NU is at least more competitive on the big Big 10 stage.

    • The DA Blog says:

      A friend challenged me to document my prediction for posterity. Just remember that Bob Devaney lost to Oklahoma 47-0 in 1968–right before his great run. It’s always darkest before the dawn–so they say.

      Chaunce used to predict several items at once, and if one came true, he’d comment about his prognostication skills repeatedly to Bill and me. When we asked about the other predictions, he predictably responded, “What predictions?”

      Ergo, my documentation ….

  2. […] previously predicted positive results for Nebraska football coach Mike […]

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