I am an Omaha, Nebraska, USA native.  Professionally, I am an attorney and CPA (although I must tell you that I’m an inactive CPA because the Nebraska Society of CPAs and the Nebraska Supreme Court require non-practicing CPAs to identify themselves as “inactive”; I’m not “inactive” because I screwed up a tax return). Personally, I’ve been described as a combination of Richie Cunningham, Forrest Gump, and Rain Man. (I’m uncertain how proud I should be about that combination, if true.)

I enjoy many sports.  Favorite teams include the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics, and Nebraska Cornhuskers.  I maintain a 20+ handicap on the golf course, although I haven’t played much recently.

Please enjoy this blog.  All suggestions for improvement are welcome but will not be compensated.


4 Comments on “About”

  1. Rose Shutt says:

    I’ll never forget your rendition of Pretty Good Man at AC. In fact I’ve told my kids about that superhero!!

  2. Shana says:

    HELLO DA….my one time running partner at AC. Hope all is well to my new favorite inactive CPA…from an inactive classroom teacher!

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