Cotton Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton-oriented.

Two years ago tomorrow, I experienced this:

Many are familiar with this old story, so find below some new information from my most recent lipid panel, which is fascinating reading.  Interestingly, the post preceding the post linked above was the Cotton Anniversary of The DA Blog.

Finally, I have been resting the blog but shall return in short order for the upcoming college and professional football seasons with rules discussions.

Lipid panels and football–the classic combination.

Component Results

Component Standard Range Your Value
Cholesterol, Total 120 – 200 mg/dl 99
Triglycerides <=149 mg/dl 96
HDL 40 – 60 mg/dl 53
VLDL Calculated <=30 mg/dl 19
LDL Cholesterol Calc <=99 mg/dl 27
Cholesterol/Hdl Ratio <=5.0 ratio 1.9
LDL/HDL Ratio <=3.6 ratio .5
Risk of Developing Coronary Heart Disease
Female Guidelines Male Guidelines
Up to 1.5 Up to 1.0 Low Risk
1.6 to 3.2 1.1 to 3.6 Average Risk
3.3 to 5.0 3.7 to 6.3 Above Average Risk
5.1 to 6.1 6.4 to 8.0 High Risk
Non-HDL Cholesterol 46
The reference range is the patient’s target low density lipoprotein plus 30.

Football: Helping The Ball Carrier

SHORT ANSWER:  You can push the ball carrier; you cannot pull him.


NCAA Football 2013 and 2014 Rules and Interpretations Rule 9, Section 3, Article 2-b (Page FR-96 or 98/216 on my reader) states:

The ball carrier shall not grasp a teammate; and no other player of his team
shall grasp, pull, or lift him to assist him in forward progress.

Rule 9-3-2-b then references A.R. (Approved Rule) 9-3-2-I (Page 64 of the A.R.’s or 199/216 on my reader), which provides a precise example and discussion of this rule.  This A.R. states:

In trying to gain yardage, ball carrier A44 is slowed by defensive
players attempting to make the tackle. Back A22 (a) puts his hands
on the buttocks of A44 and pushes him forward; (b) pushes the pile of
teammates who begin to surround A44; (c) grabs the arm of A44 and
tries to pull him forward for more yardage.

(a) and (b) Legal.
It is not a foul to push the ball carrier or the pile.

(c) Foul for assisting the runner. 5-yard penalty with three-and-one enforcement. (Rule 9-3-

In comparison, NFL Rule 12, Section 1, Article 4-a (Page 2/11) prohibits offensive players from “pull[ing] a runner in any direction at any time”.  The rule’s silence regarding pushing a runner is telling; it is legal.  In fact, A.R. 12-2 at the bottom of page two provides a specific example of a ball carrier being pushed into the end zone by a teammate.  The ruling?  Touchdown.

(NFL Rules do prohibit pushing a teammate to obstruct an opponent or to recover a loose ball but do not prohibit pushing to advance a runner.)

In summary, college and professional rules allow teammates to assist ball carriers.  Sometimes knowing what is not prohibited is as important as knowing what is.

CA Memorial Service

I want to thank you if you were able to attend my Dad’s Memorial Service last Thursday.  We appreciated the efforts of so many just to be present on a cold Nebraska night.  It meant a great deal to our family to see you.

For those of you who were unable to attend, here is Dad’s Memorial Service as follows:

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H/T (Hat Tip) to DK for his assistance on this project.


If you want to work on your typing and trivia skills at once, use JetPunk.  While I am not a fan of its scoring system, it does provide a diversion and mental exercise.  Clicking on Random Quiz at the top right takes some of the work out of topic selection.

After each quiz, reviewing your results relative to other quiz-takers provides some feedback about what you know (and what you do not know).

Here is the link:



One Billion Dollars

Before you enter the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar NCAA Basketball Bracket Challenge, read this–and watch Professor Bergan’s video that is linked on page 1 of the article.

This is not going to stop me from entering and being lucky to pick half of the first-round games correctly.

I do not suppose I shall win anything for that.

The 1980’s

This video does not charge out of the gate, but I laughed halfway through.

Kevin Bacon tells young people about his favorite era–and mine.

College Basketball

As I did during college football season, I shall write about college basketball rules and interpretations.  (If you want a review of those, type “College Football” in the search field.)

Currently, I am preparing by browsing the 140-page NCAA college basketball rulebook –and it came to me.

Why not take questions from the audience?

So, if you have a college basketball “rules” question that has puzzled you or that you find interesting, let me know with a Comment.

Here’s a good example of an issue: